SurveyTermInstrument (pdf)Summary & Graphs Summary (Excel)Subset
KSU Employee SurveySpring 2009Employee Survey Spring 09
Purchasing DepartmentSpring 2005Purchasing SurveySummarySummary
Staff Training SurveyFall 2004Staff TrainingSummarySummary
Staff Training Survey of DirectorsFall 2004Staff Training - DirectorsSummarySummary
SurveyTermInstrumentSummary & Graphs Summary (Excel)Subset
Facility Management - Customer Evaluation of Service QualitySpring 2006Facility Management Survey 2006SummarySummary
FRIENDS: Single Parent Student SurveySpring 2007Friends Single Parent Survey Spring 07SummarySummary
FRIENDS Program: Commuter & Non-Traditional Student SurveyFall 2006FRIENDS Survey 2006SummarySummary
FRIENDS Non-Traditional Student SurveySpring 2005FRIENDS NonTraditional Student Survey Spring 2005SummarySummary
KSU Organizational Health SurveySpring 2005Organizational Health Survey Spring 05SummarySummary
KSU Library SurveySpring 2009Library Survey Spring 09Summary
KSU Library SurveySpring 2005Library Survey Spring 05SummarySummary
KSU Public Transportation Needs QuestionnaireFall 2004Public Transportation Survey Fall 04SummarySummary
Faculty Advising CenterFall 2005Faculty Advising Center Fall 05SummarySummary
Faculty Advising CenterFall 2004Faculty Advising Center Fall 04SummarySummary
Web Site SurveySummer 2004Web Site Survey Summer 04SummarySummary
Customer Satisfaction SurveyFall 2004Customer Satisfaction Fall 04SummarySummary
Registration SurveyFall 2004Registration Survey Fall 04 SummarySummary
Resident LifeFall 2007Resident Life Fall 07SummarySummary
Resident Life Fall 2006Resident Life Fall 06SummarySummary
Data Quality SurveySpring 2009Data Quality Spring 09Summary
Data Quality SurveySpring 2008Data Quality Spring 08SummarySummary


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