To setup your voicemail follow the below steps:

a.       Dial 6007 or press  the voicemail message button

a.       Enter a new voicemail password

b.      Record your  name

c.       Record a voicemail message.

d.      While in the voicemail box system press 5 and then follow the prompts

To access your voicemail while on campus

b.      Dial 6007 or press the voicemail message button

c.       Type in your extension  and press # key

d.      Type in your password and press # key

To access your message from off campus 

a.       Dial 502-597-7007

b.      Type in your extension and press # key

c.       Type in your password and press # key

Please note: Voicemail messages will not show up in your e-mail inbox. The red message waiting light on your handset will be the only indication that you have a message.   To listen to your phone messages, you must use a phone.

In order to provide timely and reliable service, the point of contact for all technical assistance must be made to the IT Help Desk. To contact the IT Help Desk submit a service request at, call the Help Desk at extension 7000 or send an email to