Services Offered

  • Working with the department web content authors, editors and publishers on publishing required content to the KSU public Internet site.
  • Consulting with departments on new features, functionality and applications for their section of the KSU public Internet site.

Service Times

  • Website assistance: 1 Business Day.
  • Consultation: 2 Business Days.

Service Hours

The goal is for the website to be accessible 99.9% of the time. There may be times for server maintenance when the sites may be unavailable.

Additional Information

The governance model for the website is as follows:

  • KSU Brand: President & Cabinet.
  • Website Design: President & Cabinet.
  • KSU Home Page: Communication Department.
  • University Wide Announcements: Communication Department.
  • Stand Alone Sites (Must follow Brand and Design) Content-Pub: Department Head.
  • Dept. Pages (Must follow Brand and Design) Content & Editing: Department  Head.
  • Live/Real Time Content Pre-approval Required: Department  Head.
  • Site Applications: Department  Head.
  • Front Page Event Announcement: Department  Head & Web Content Manager.
  • Publishing: Department Publisher.