Services Offered

Desktop services for KSU owned computers include and are limited to:

  • Hardware setup.
  • Installation and configuration of the following software:
    • Operating system.
    • KSU standard software.
  • Hardware and software upgrades to PCs (laptops, desktops, tablets).
  • Configuration of network connectivity (including network printers).
  • Installation and configuration of security/anti-virus software.
  • Debugging and repairing hardware and operating system problems.
  • Debugging and providing consultation for KSU standard software.
  • Assisting with system optimization.
  • Ensuring that KSU computing policies are followed.
  • IT is responsible for managing and installing department purchased software. Upon purchasing of software, the department must deliver the IT department for installation and retention.
  • IT does not support the troubleshooting of purchased non-standard software. The user or department must contact the vendor for assistance.

Services Not Offered

  • IT does not provide support for personally owned equipment.
  • IT does not backup nor recover data stored on the computer hard drives. All data must be stored on University approved network storage. For more information regarding this backup policy, please review to the IT Data Policy.

Service Times

After a Help Desk Request has been assigned for desktop support, the target request resolution times are as follows:

  • Setup of New PC (laptop, desktop, tablet): 4 Business Hours (depending on availability of unit).
  • Installation of licensed desktop applications: 1 Business Days.
  • Hardware issue found: PC replacement, 1 Business Hour.
  • Security/Antivirus issue found: PC replacement, 1 Business Hour.
  • Troubleshooting PC issues: 4 Business Hours.
  • Non-Software setting issue found: PC replacement, 1 Business Hour.

If the issue impacts the strategic priority or business critical function of the University, then the request should be escalated following the Service prioritization model and Escalation Resolution Procedure.

Additional Information

KSU owned off-site equipment must be brought on-campus to the IT office for technical assistance.


Departments will be responsible for purchasing accessories and/or other items that are not covered by warranty or are not part of the KSU hardware or software standard.