Services Offered

  • Performs patches and upgrades.
  • Performs backup and restoration.

Service Times

  • Static IP address: 1 Business Day.
  • Setup of new server: 2 Business Days.

Service Availability

  • The service will be available 24/7 barring any unexpected outage and system maintenance.
  • Unexpected outages: In the case of an unexpected outage, IT personnel will return the service to operation as quickly as possible. System outage information will be sent to the appropriate e-mail groups.
  • Planned maintenance: Regular scheduled system maintenance window is 12:00 a.m. – 6:00 a.m. Saturdays and Sundays. Notification of system maintenance will be sent to customers via e-mail.
  • Emergency maintenance: In rare situations, it may become necessary to perform emergency maintenance to correct service issues or to prevent an imminent service issue. In these situations, it will be impossible to provide thirty-day advanced notice of the outage. IT will provide as much advanced notice as possible.

Additional Information

  • For application hosting, all applications must be able to run in a virtual environment and on Windows 2008 R2.


Depending on the scope of the project departments may be responsible for purchasing supplies needed for installation of new network or cable ports.

System Standards

Information coming soon.