The DRC strives to ensure that students’ needs are met.  However, problems do sometimes occur.  It is important that students with disabilities contact us as soon as possible when a problem occurs so that it can be addressed quickly.

For example, note takers are instructed to contact the DRC in advance whenever they are unavailable to ensure that a substitute can be provided.  However, in rare instances, as in severe sickness or other emergency, sometimes a note taker may be unable to inform the DRC of the problem in advance.  In these instances, it is important for the student receiving services to make the DRC aware of the problem so that a substitute can be provided, and alternative notes can be obtained.  The DRC does periodically perform spot-checks to ensure that note takers are present. Instructors are also asked to be aware of note taker absences and to report to the DRC when this occurs.  However, the first and most important means of communication about problems with services is the student receiving the services.

If you are experiencing problems with your services as a student with a disability and have a complaint, we must depend on you to let us know. Please contact us know without delay so we can assist you. Please direct your concerns to:

Dr. Lloyd Clark
KSU Office of Human Resources
400 E. Main Street, ASB 429
Frankfort, KY 40601
Telephone: (502) 597-6863