Snack Machines are located throughout campus for your convenience. Problems should be reported via or (502) 597-5951. Coke machines are operated by the corporation, and their contact information is listed on the machines.

Laundry Machines are located in every residence hall, and operation may be activated by the ID/Thorobred Card ($1 charge per machine per cycle) or coin ($1.25 charge per machine per cycle).  To deposit funds to a card use the T-Buck machine in the Student Center or visit the Bursar’s Office.

ONLINE DEPOSITS also may be made via Blackboard Transact.

To Begin Registration follow these steps or click on the QR Code that follows:

  •  STEP 1: Enter your FIRST and LAST NAME
  • STEP 2: Enter PASSWORD – KSU followed by Student ID number – ex.:  KSU12345678
  • STEP 3: Click REGISTER and enter your information – SCHOOL EMAIL.  Ignore “Info is not recognized” message.

Continue with Steps 4 -9 and be sure to print and save the receipt.   




Check here soon for VIDEO instructions on how to operate the washers.

*To report malfunctions of machines, students must contact the Residence Hall Manager. 

CHANGE MACHINES are located in the Carl M. Hill Student Center near the cafeteria, on the second floor of the Academic Services Building (ASB) across from the Xerox Solutions Center and in the William H. Exum Center.  Problems should be reported via or (502) 597-5951.

 Vending operates under Auxiliary Services, 317 Julian M. Carroll Academic Services Building (ASB)