Besides the obvious, it’s safer than cash! Your Kentucky State University card account is accessed through your photo ID card, reducing the risk of misuse. If you lose your Kentucky State Card, your account is frozen as soon as you notify the Department of Auxiliary Enterprises. A replacement card can be purchased there as well. You’ll always feel secure knowing that you have the purchasing power of cash without the risk of losing it.


With your Kentucky State University access card account, you can enjoy the convenience of paying for just about anything on campus with a simple swipe of your ID card. No more worries about carrying cash, checks, credit cards or having exact change. Use your Kentucky State University ID card to purchase books and school supplies. It can be used for services such as laundry, copiers and computer printing. The amount of your purchases will be automatically deducted from your Kentucky State University account. The remaining balance will be displayed so that you’ll always know how much you have left in your account.


It’s very simple and easy to open an account. Please contact the Department of Auxiliary Enterprises for more information.