Accounting Services conducts the business affairs of Kentucky State University, supporting the mission through cash management, grants administration, general accounting, and financial reporting; to provide timely and accurate financial information to our students, faculty, staff, administration, Board of Regents, vendors, and state and federal agencies; and provide courteous and responsive service to our customers.

Unit Goals & Objectives

  1. To develop and apply knowledge of financial practices and standards to safeguard University assets, ensuring public funds are maintained in accordance with state, federal and local regulations.
  2. To accurately reflect the financial condition of the University in accordance with all Federal, State, and other sponsoring agency financial/administrative requirements, along with generally accepted accounting principles, governmental accounting standards, and internal control requirements.
  3. To ensure timely and accurate financial information in order to meet internal and external financial reporting and audit requirements of the University.
  4. To fully utilize all modules of the financial records system.
  5. To work more efficiently and effectively by reducing mundane and redundant tasks.
  6. To establish, revise, and document business processes performed by unit and administrative regulations consistent with work processes.
  7. To implement procedures, controls and administrative regulations to minimize audit exceptions,
  8. To train the campus community in the use and application of proper accounting methods according to general and restricted guidelines.



Paul Edwards
Assistant Vice President for Business Affairs