Under all emergency circumstances:

  • If someone is injured, missing, or known to be trapped inside the building, call the University Police at 6878. If there is no answer, or if the line is busy, call 9-911. It may be necessarily to send a runner to the University Police Department.
  • Provide assistance to those who have mobility impairments.
  • Check for injuries, but do not attempt to move any serious injured people unless there is a greater danger by not doing so.
  • Use telephones to report emergencies (i.e. gas leaks, fire, or injuries).
  • Only Facilities Services or other trained individuals should attempt to turn utilities on or off.
  • Never touch downed utility poles or lines. Do not approach damaged building equipment.
  • Avoid open flames due to potential gas leaks.
  • Do not drive a vehicle unless it is necessary. Streets should be kept clear for emergency vehicles.
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