Kentucky State University provides a Veterans Affairs Coordinator who can provide information regarding educational benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), assist in applying for GI Bill benefits, certify enrollment to the VA for payment each semester, and assist in resolving payment problems.

This guide provides general information about Veterans Affairs Benefits. It does not include all veterans educational benefit programs. For more information, contact the Department of Veterans Affairs at 1-888-442-4551.


All applicants must complete the Kentucky State University Application for Admission. Applications may be mailed, submitted in person to the Admissions Office or online.

Credit for Prior Training & Experience

If you receive Veterans educational assistance, you are required by law (38 U.S.C., 1775 and 1776) to provide official transcripts of prior education, training and experience at the time you enroll. An evaluation of your prior education and training will be accomplished to determine if any subjects you completed at other schools or awarded to you as a result military service can be applied to your degree program and shorten your program at KSU. The evaluation will include training and experience received while you were on active duty and for course(s) taken at an approved educational institution even if the training/course(s) were not paid for by DVA. Your campus will review appropriate records and grant any applicable credit toward meeting graduation requirements in your degree program. Credit granted will be identified on your official academic transcript.

Veteran’s Education Benefit Programs

VA education benefits may be authorized for veterans and qualified dependents under specific chapters of Title 38, U.S. Code (USC). Each VA education program has distinct eligibility requirements. The Veterans Coordinator at KSU cannot determine your eligibility for VA education benefits. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs determines your eligibility. You may receive benefits from only one VA educational chapter at a time although you may have eligibility under more than one chapter. Students who which to apply for VA benefit can pick up a form from the registrar office or you can go to the VA website and print off an application. Complete the application out and submit it to Veterans Coordinator. Listed on the back pages are the various VA chapters and the general eligibility requirements for each. If you have specific questions on any of the chapters or eligibility requirements, please contact the Department of Veterans Affairs 1-888-442-4551.

Approved Programs

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs will pay an eligible student education benefits for pursuit of an approved program of education or training. An approved program is s course of study or a program of training which the appropriate state approving agency has determined meets the legal requirements for payment of DVA educational assistance benefits to veterans and other eligible persons. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs prohibits the payment of VA education benefits for training in any course if the training is not part of the student’s approved program of education. (see 38 CFR 21.7122(b)

The DVA requires all veteran students to declare a major by the end of their sophomore year. VA students must be classified as degree-seeking students no later than their 2 semester of enrollment. Degree-seeking means that you are officially pursuing a degree and you are classified by the school as a regular student; it does not mean that you have selected a major.

You are allowed to change your major at any time. If you are receiving benefits under Chapters 30, 32, or 1606, complete VA Form 22-1995, Request for Change of Program or Place of Training.

If you are receiving benefits under Chapter 35, complete VA Form 22-5495. Request for Change of Program or Place of Training Survivors’ and Dependents Education Assistance.

If you are receiving benefits under Chapter 31, contact your Vocational Rehabilitation counselor or case manager to obtain permission to change your major.

Each time you change your major field of study, you must provide the Veterans Coordinator with an evaluation of previous credits including subjects transferred from other schools, subjects awarded as a result of military training and experience, and subjects you completed in your previous program(s) at KSU. A re-evaluation will determine how many prior subjects will be applied to your new program, if applicable. We are required to report this change of program to the DVA with a report of the number of hours, if any, that apply to your new program.

An evaluation of your previous training and education as well as the granting of credit by KSU is not an option. It is required by Federal law. (see Title 38 United State Code Section 3675)


Student must pre-register for classes before the VA Coordinator can submit your application and certify your enrollment to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Change in Student Status

It is the student responsibility to notify your VA coordinator if you reduce your hours of enrollment by withdrawing from a course, terminate your enrollment, or make any other changes that would affect your payment status. If you withdraw or drop a course, you may have to repay all or part of the benefits you received for the course(s). The DVA will reduce or terminate benefits either on the actual withdrawal date or on the first date of the term, depending on the situation. If the student withdraws after the 30th day of the term but still within the school’s drop period, the school official must report the withdrawal as occurring after the drop period.

Failure to notify your VA coordinator of changes in enrollment may result in an over-payment of benefits. The Department of Veterans Affairs determines and collects over-payments from you.

Change of Address

It is the student responsibility to notify the records office and the VA coordinator of change of address. You may also mail a change of address form (VA Form 572) to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Incomplete Grades

An incomplete (I) grade must be converted to a permanent grade within one year from the date it is assigned.

Repeating a Subjects

The DVA will not pay you to repeat a course(s) for which you have received a passing grade (D or higher), whether the course was taken at KSU or at another college or university. They will pay you to repeat a course under the following two conditions:

  • You received a grade of “F” in the course. The DVA will pay for you to repeat that course if it is required for graduation.
  • You received a grade of “D” in the course and your KSU degree program requires at least a grade of “C”. It is your responsibility to notify your VA Coordinator if you are repeating a course under the above circumstances. If proper notification is not provided, an over-payment may occur and YOU will be held liable for repayment.

Non-required Subjects

VA education benefits may not be paid for subjects not required to meet minimum graduation requirements (even if your instructor thinks it would be nice for you to take the course). Quoting from Title 38 Code of Federal Regulations, Section 21.7222:

(b) Courses outside a program of education. VA will not pay educational assistance for an enrollment in any course which is not part of a veteran’s or service member’s program of education unless the veteran or service member is enrolled in refresher courses (including courses which will permit the veteran or service member to update knowledge and skills or be instructed in the technological advances which have occurred in the veteran’s or service member’s field of employment), deficiency courses, or other preparatory or special education or training courses necessary to enable the veteran or service member to pursue an approved program of education.

(Authority: 38 U.S.C. 3002(3), 3034, 3452(b); Pub. L. 98–525) (Aug. 15, 1989)
The above regulation applies to students utilizing Chapters 30, 32, 35, 1606 education benefits.

Policy for Students Called to Active Duty

If, as a member of a National Guard unit, Reserve Component, or as a discharged veteran, you are called to active duty, immediately contact your records office and your VA coordinator immediately. You need to provide a copy of your orders to each person.

Work-Study Program

To apply for the VA work-study program you can pick up an application from your VA coordinator. The DVA work-study program paid the Federal of State minimum hourly wage. DVA work-study students may be utilized only for DVA related work as specified in Title 38, Code of Federal Regulations, and Part 21.4142.

New Student Veteran Checklist

Please use this checklist to ensure that you have completed and filed the forms necessary to begin your education at Kentucky State University.

  • Submit Application for Admission.
  • Declare a major (required by the end of the second term of enrollment).
  • Request all college and military transcripts to be mailed to KSU.
  • Pre-registered for classes.
  • Submit Application for Education Benefits or Change of Program or Place of Training and any supporting document(s) to your campus Veterans Advisor.
  • Apply for financial aid. You can apply electronically on the Web at
  • Kentucky Resident, apply for Kentucky Fee tuition.

Types of Forms

  • DD Form 214 Separation from the Armed Forces
  • DD Form 214-4c Condition of Separation
  • DD Form 2366 Election to Receive Chapter 30 Benefits
  • DD Form 2384 Notice of Basic Eligibility (Chapter 1606 Selected Reserve)
  • VA Form 20-8691 Veterans Application for Work-Study Allowance
  • VA Form 21-572 Request for Change of Address
  • VA Form 21-674 Request for Approval of School Attendance
  • VA Form 21-674b School Attendance Report
  • VA Form 21-4138 Statement in Support of Claim
  • VA Form 22-1990 Application for Education Benefits
  • VA Form 22-1990t Application and Enrollment Certification for Individualized
  • Tutorial Assistance
  • VA Form 22-1995 Request for Change of Program or Place of Training
  • VA Form 22-1999 Enrollment Certification
  • VA Form 22-1999b Notice of Change in Student Status
  • VA Form 22-5490 Application for Educational Assistance (Chapter 35,Dependent Son or Daughter)
  • VA Form 22-5490W Application for Educational Assistance (Chapter 35,Dependent Spouse, Widow, Widower)
  • VA Form 22-5495 Request for Change of Program or Place of Training

(Chapter 35)