1. A degree-seeking student MUST consult with his/her designated advisor prior to the time of preregistration or regular registration to receive official approval for his/her plan of study during each academic term (summer session/semester). [NOTE:  First-time freshmen may be limited in the courses for which they can register based on admit status. See ‘Admission to the University’ in the Kentucky State University 2012 – 2013 Catalogue.]
  2. The Office of the University Registrar sets the time of registration for all students and informs them of the times they are to register.
  3. Students are expected to register at the appointed time.
  4. Students may not register for credit after the deadline is set for completion of late registration.
  5. A late registration fee is assessed to students who do not register at the appointed time.
  6. Late registration for semesters will end one calendar week after the last day of registration or its equivalent for summer session (see Academic Calendar for specifics).
  7. A student must repeat any course in which he/she received an inadequate grade during the next semester in which the student is enrolled and in which the course is offered. Students will be prohibited from registering for the next term until this requirement is satisfied.

Changes in Registration
(Adding a course, dropping a course, changing sections, changing grading options)

  1. All changes in registration must be approved by the Office of the University Registrar and the designated advisor (and the instructor (and the instructor in case of a closed class).
  2. Any student properly registered for a course will receive credit for that course.
  3. A processing fee is assessed beginning the first day of classes of a term (summer session/semester) for any change in registration, with the exception of those caused by University cancellation of courses or other University-initiated adjustments to course schedules.
  4. The Chairperson and/or the Dean will inform the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Office of the Registrar, and the instructors of all course cancellations no later than two (2) working days after the end of late registration.
  5. When a course is canceled, any student enrolled in that course may change his/her final registration in order to replace the canceled course.  Such adjustment must be completed no later than Saturday of the second full week of classes during an academic semester or no later than Saturday of the first full week of classes during a summer session.