The Office of Continuing and Distance Education (OCDE) offers career and professional development opportunities for people within the University’s Central Kentucky service area.  Credit and non-credit courses enable individuals to expand their career options, explore the world with its many cultures, or pursue personal goals and interests.  In addition to over 650 on- campus classes offered each semester, the University also offers a wide range of distancelearning environments for students unable to take full advantage of traditional on-campus options.  These include:

Interactive Television (ITV)

Through two-way audio and video facilities, students interact with faculty in real-time from distancelearning sites throughout central Kentucky and the State.  Many interactive classrooms are located throughout the region in high schools, technical schools and colleges, and government offices.

Students see, hear, and talk with professors using microphones and large television monitors connected directly to similarly equipped KSU campus facilities on the fifth floor of our Academic Services Building.  Students at distance Kentucky Tele-Linking Network (KTLN) sites ask questions and get answers, see the overhead transparencies and the video selections the same way as students on campus.  Students and teachers can exchange handouts and assignments and conduct open discussions with students connected from multiple sites.  These interactive television courses are particularly attractive to students who want close interaction with faculty on a regularly scheduled, weekly basis but who are not able to travel a long distance to campus.

Internet-Accessed Online Courses (KYVC)

Kentucky State University enrolls students in courses that are created and managed by faculty using the Kentucky Virtual Campus.  These ?virtual? classrooms are available for study and review whenever and wherever registered students have access to the Internet.  Students work at these classes wherever computers are available, e.g. at home, at work, or in a public library.  They can learn the course materials on a twenty-four- hour, seven-day-per-week basis.  In conjunction with traditional textbook materials, online courses provide students with many opportunities.  They can read additional class notes provided by the teacher, link to other Web site resources like the Kentucky Virtual Library for research, complete assignments, take tests, e-mail questions to teachers and receive answers, and discuss topics with other online classmates.  This computer Web option meets the needs of students who cannot attend regularly scheduled and place-defined classes.  They are ideal for people who need maximum time and location flexibility.

Additional Information 

Students interested in enrolling in any of the above distance-education opportunities may access a copy of the current Schedule of Classes to review the course listings under the Service Area Programs section. This can be done either by viewing the University Web pages ( or by calling the Office of Distance and Continuing Education (502-597-5611) to receive the schedule in the mail.