Transfer  students must submit transcripts of all college work attempted for admission consideration.  

All  transfer  students  who  have  completed  24  or more semester hours of college work must have earned a cumulative GPA of 2.00.  The transfer student is not at liberty to disregard any part of his/her previous college or university records.  Failure to report enrollment at another institution may result in dismissal and/or loss of credits earned at KSU.   In the event of academic suspension/  dismissal  from  any  institution  previously attended or currently being attended, an applicant must provide a letter of good standing from the last institution attended. Transfer applicants who were not eligible for admission to Kentucky State University when they graduated from high school must present a minimum of 24 semester hours of college credit.

Placement examinations may be required of applicants transferring into Kentucky State University before registering for classes.

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