There are three mutually-exclusive types of absences for purposes of classification:

  • Service-related absence
    • due to documented required military service
    • due to documented university service or off-campus    representation of  the University
    • due to documented jury duty
  • Excused absence, non-Service related
    • due to documented illness,
    • due  to  documented  serious  illness  or death in the student’s immediate family
    • due to documented court appearance
    • due to documented attendance at a university–sponsored field trip
  • Unexcused absence
    • due  to  lack  of  documentation  of  an otherwise excused absence
    • due  to  excessive  excused  absences (exceeding  the  number  of  class meetings in one week)
    • due  to  university-activity  absences incurred when the student’s performance in class is below a “C” average

Provided the student is doing satisfactorily in the course, any class absence incurred while a student is performing university-patriotic service (participating in an activity whereby the student represents the university off campus) is to be excluded from the total number of allowed excused absences.
Absence(s) from class(es) because of university- patriotic duty or university-sponsored academic class activities must be reported to the Vice President  for  Student Affairs  two  (2)  weeks prior to the date of the absence.   The Vice President for Student Affairs will inform faculty members BEFORE the student’s absence from class(es) in these cases.

In order for a class absence to be excused, the student  must  submit  documentation  of  the absence(s)  to  the  Vice  President  for  Student Affairs.

The  number  of  excused  absences  may  not exceed the number of class meetings during one full week of class(es) during a semester, or two class meetings during one full week of classes

  • The number of unexcused absences per semester  or  summer  session  may  not exceed the number of class meetings during one full week of class.
  • For  each  unexcused  absence  over  the maximum number allowed, the instructor may lower the course grade one full grade level.
  • For  any  excused  absence,  all  make-up assignments must be completed within a time period determined by the instructor.
  • If  an  individual  instructor  or  academic unit adopts more stringent attendance policies, those policies must appear in a conspicuous  location  in  the  course syllabus and must be announced to the class on the first day it meets.
  • Regulations    on    class    tardiness    are determined by the instructor of the class.
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