The Office Research, Grants & Sponsored Programs (OSP) at Kentucky State University coordinates research, grants, and sponsored programs on a university-wide basis. The mission of the OSP is to enhance the environment for research, public service, and outreach activities at the university; to encourage and facilitate external funding; and to support the University’s pursuit of excellence in delivery of high-quality academic services and production of graduates who are global citizens.

The staff assists with pre-award functions to include identification of funding opportunities, proposal development, and adherence to submission guidelines dictated by the sponsoring agency. The OSP also supports university researchers in post-award grant administration by reviewing and executing award documents and contractual agreements, managing budget set-up, monitoring grant expenditures to ensure adherence to OMB circulars, and ensuring the timely submission of required technical and financial reports when applicable.


  • Location: Academic Services Building, Suite 256

Derrick Gilmore
Director of Office Research, Grants, and Sponsored Programs

Dr. Mary W. Spor
Associate V.P. for Research, Grants, and Sponsored Programs



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