T’Ebony Torain, Director

T’Ebony Torain is the Director of Upward Bound and GO College at Kentucky State University.   She has worked with Upward Bound since 2008 as an Academic Counselor and stepped into the role of Director of both Upward Bound and GO College Programs in 2013. She believes in the power of TRIO programs such as Upward Bound, Educational Talent Search, Student Support Services, etc. in helping students attend and graduate from college.  A product of a TRIO program herself, Ms. Torain was a participant of the Ronald McNair program which she credits in helping her achieve success as an undergraduate student.

Receiving her undergraduate degree at Fisk University with a major in History and Masters in Public Administration at Kentucky State University in 2011, she has a true joy and appreciation for the power of education and preparing youth from at risk population to succeed in their future.     T’Ebony has received numerous awards, honors, and accomplishments; such as graduating Fisk with a grade point average of 3.64 and graduating with a 3.91 from Kentucky State University’s Masters of Public Administration program.

However, she is most proud of growing in her faith in Christ and helping students graduate from high school and attend college. Ms. Torain is a part of KAEOPP (Kentucky Association of Educational Opportunity Program Personnel) where she served as Service Member at Large for two years.

Brandon Gatson, Academic Coach

Brandon Gatson is currently an Academic Coach at Fern Creek Traditional High School where he serves over 150 students to carry out his heart’s passion to empower the youth.  Mr. Gatson has an extensive background working with youth and the underprivileged.

For over 10 years, he served as a volunteer for R.F.M (Resurrection Family Ministries), a non-profit organization that caters to the needs of families by providing assistance to the homeless, low income, special needs, and single parent households. While severing, he was able to inquire skills that helped him to impact the lives of those he served.

Brandon also empowered youth of all ages by facilitating plays, conducting one on one sessions dedicated to problem solving.  He also used his basketball skill development to teach life lessons, provide mentoring, and motivational speaking for character development.

The passion in his heart to serve and help the youth led him to volunteer for 5 years in community outreach with Kentucky State University P.Y.C.E (Promising Youth Center for Excellence) and Student Life/Campus Ministry. Through these organizations, he was able to encourage students from ages 7-25, using life skills, resources, passion, and experience.

Mr. Gatson is a graduate of Kentucky State University where he received his degree in Liberal Studies.

Chelsea D. Hardy, Academic Coach

Chelsea D. Hardy is an Academic Coach for GO College at Fern Creek High Traditional High School in Louisville, KY. She started working with the GO College program in 2011 as a peer mentor. Her passion to work with the youth in the hopes of providing opportunities to further their education, has inspired her to continue working with the students in the GO College program to be a part of their lives and to make an impact. She received her undergraduate degree from Kentucky State University in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Spanish and a minor in Social Work.

While at Kentucky State University, Chelsea served in several different organizations such as Student Government Association, Peer Mentor in Mental Health, Peer Health Educator, The Mighty Marching Band, Upward Bound Peer Mentor and Tutor, and campus ministry while also fulfilling her duties to the state of Kentucky in the Army National Guard.

While off the scenes, she enjoys her alone time by watching films, playing the drums, acting, screenwriting, tutoring, and attending Bible Study. The GO College Program has inspired Chelsea to pursue a Masters in Public Administration at Kentucky State University. In the future, she plans to pursue a second Masters in Communications, travel the world through ministry, and become a wife and a mother. Chelsea is truly thankful and considers it a blessing to be able to assist the youth that God has placed in her life to pursue post-secondary education, and to accomplish their dreams.

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