What you already know from experience may be the equivalent of what is taught in a college classroom.  The Credit for Life Program will help you examine your past learning, and also help you consider your professional, personal, and educational goals, as you learn how to translate prior learning into college credit.

Q.  What is a portfolio?

A.  A portfolio is a written description of the experience and the learning that have taken place in one’s life.  It also includes documentation (proof) that this learning took place in the form of letters from supervisors, certificates, work samples, etc.  The portfolio demonstrates your equivalency to standard Kentucky State University courses.


Q.  What kind of learning can be used?

A.  Learning from volunteer jobs, seminars, conferences, community service, homemaking, from work, independent research, etc. may be used.  It must reflect college level learning.


Q.  How do I get credit for this learning?

A.  Portfolios are assessed by individual Kentucky State University faculty members to determine credit awards and the appropriate grade.


Q.  When is the course offered?

A.  The courses if offered Fall and Spring semesters.


Q.  How do I get credit for what I know?

A.  The process starts with a 3-credit hour course called Credit-for-Life (299-01).  The Credit-for-Life Instructor (Roberta Mason) will work with you to develop a prior learning portfolio.  You will be given a CLE Handbook with all pertinent information for completion of your portfolio.


Q.  How do these credits fit into my program?

A.  Credits for prior learning can be used exactly the same as courses taken in the traditional manner; credit awarded reflects the actual Kentucky State University course you have demonstrated, whether it is an internship, an elective, or an actual program requirement.


For more information please call Mrs. Roberta Mason at (502) 597-5614.

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