An important part of Kentucky State University’s reaffirmation process with SACSCOC is establishing a new QEP (Quality Enhancement Plan) as described in The Principles of Accreditation, SACSCOC Principles of Accreditation.

The QEP should be a topic that is widely applicable to different constituents across the university, and it should be driven by a need on campus.  SACSCOC stresses the importance of building this plan on available assessment data. The QEP process is an exciting opportunity to enhance something the university already does in a deliberate way.

The university’s previous QEP was Academic With Attitudes, a program that sought to help at promise students succeed in college.  Now KSU has the opportunity for a new project and seeks input from all university stakeholders.

QEP topics are wide ranging, as the summaries included on the SACSCOC website demonstrate: QEP Summaries

qeppost16cPhase I:  Selecting a Topic for the QEP

A call for proposals for the QEP went out in November 2016 with a deadline for January 20, 2017.  See the Call for Pre-Proposal Topic idea.  Proposals are to be sent to  Persons who submit are asked to address the following in their proposals:

  1. Identify the topic.
  2. Explain how this topic relates to needs at the university.
  3. Connect this need with any assessment data available.
  4. Describe how the proposal could be implemented: what resources would be needed?
  5. Explain how different constituents on campus could be involved in the project.
  6. Consider how the university might assess the impact and success of the project.

During the second week of classes of the spring 2017 term, a team reviewed the submitted proposals.  This team is comprised of student, staff, and faculty representation.

The group identified themes and trends in submissions that emerged around;  culture, student-faculty engagement, cultural competency, and study abroad. The QEP theme entitled Passport to Culture: Know Your Place in the World- QEP Overview Dratf 1

Submit your comments on the QEP Topic Idea.

 Phase II:  Planning and Developing the QEP

Phase II will involved assembling a team to develop the QEP.  Throughout the Spring and Summer 2017 terms.  The team will then work to seek stakeholder buy-in and determine implementation.

The team will develop a plan to be submitted to SACSCOC.  The following steps are suggested by SACSCOC in the Handbook for Institutions Seeking Reaffirmation:

Step One: Selecting a Topic

Step Two: Defining the Student Learning Outcomes

Step Three: Researching the Topic

Step Four: Identifying the Actions to be Implemented

Step Five: Establishing the Timeline for Implementation

Step Six: Organizing for Success

Step Seven: Identifying Necessary Resources

Step Eight: Assessing the Success of the QEP

Step Nine: Preparing the QEP for Submission

Any questions can be directed to:, SACSCOC Liaison or QEP Leader

The QEP Process