Listed below are some of the frequently asked questions about Graduate Studies at Kentucky State University.  If your question is not listed, please email your question to

Graduate Application and Admission

What are the requirements for graduate application and admission to the Graduate Studies programs at Kentucky State University?

To be considered for admission to the Graduate Studies and graduate programs at Kentucky State University, applicants must complete a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university or its equivalent if not from the United States.  Details about admissions requirements are available in the University bulletin and on the Admissions information webpage.

Do you have any online graduate degree program?

The Master of Arts in Special Education is the only online degree program we have at this time.  Learn more »

Some of our other graduate programs offer some selected courses online.  Check with the Coordinator of the program you are interested in.  Click here for the list of the graduate program coordinators.

Graduate Programs Offered

Where can I get information about the graduate programs offered at Kentucky State University (KSU)?

Graduate Programs provides a list of all KSU graduate programs with links to program websites, and contact information for the Program Coordinator of every program. While the Graduate Studies Office can answer general questions about the application and admissions processes, graduate program coordinators can answer specific questions about the academic program to which you are interested in applying for admission.

Tuition Fee

What is the Tuition Fee for Graduate Students?

Information on tuition and fee structure »

Graduate Assistantships

What scholarships or graduate assistantships are available to Graduate Students?

Departments recruit and hire graduate assistants on an individual basis.  Therefore, you must contact them individually for information on graduate assistantships available from the department or their graduate programs.