KSU Interactive Videoconference Courses are accessible at classroom sites in many regional high schools, technical schools, colleges, and government offices. Regularly scheduled interactive television courses are delivered using two-way interactive videoconferencing technology operating on a comprehensive, statewide, broadband network.

Students see, hear, and talk to professors over microphones, cameras, and large television monitors connected directly to KSU campus facilities.

Students at distance sites in the KSU Service Area interact with faculty the same way as students in the classroom on campus. Students and teachers exchange handouts and assignments and conduct open discussions with other students connected at multiple sites. Interactive television courses are particularly attractive to students who want close interaction with instructors on a weekly basis, but who are not able to travel a long distance to campus.


To schedule use of the ITV Conferencing and Training Center, complete the following request form and send to Distance Education.

ITV Conferencing and Training Room Reservation Request Form 2016