The School of Public Administration prepares students for career employment as supervisors, managers, and decision makers in the public sector, including local, state, and federal government agencies. In addition, the graduates of the Public Administration program may be eligible for employment in similar capacities in the non-profit sector. Established in 1973, the program offers an undergraduate and a graduate program, one leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree (BPA) in Public Administration and the other to the Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree, respectively.

The University’s programs in Public Administration are designed to endow students with practical abilities in problem-solving, program analysis, and implementation. The structure of the academic program is based on the premise that the Public Administration student should possess skills adaptable to various tasks and employment settings. The MPA program also offers specializations in human resource management, non-profit administration, international development, and management information systems.


To provide quality education to in-service and pre-service students in the professional areas of Public Administration, Social Work, and Criminal Justice. To produce pre-service graduates with the necessary skills that will allow them to compete for and obtain entry level position in government, non-profit sector, and the business sector. To produce in-service graduates with the necessary additional skills necessary for advancement in their present position.

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