The College of Professional Studies welcomes new and returning students, faculty and staff with enthusiastic anticipation to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

The College of Professional Studies at Kentucky State University offers undergraduate programs that prepare students to combine their broad liberal backgrounds with specialized training that applies both in their everyday lives and in their technical and social-service careers. The college offers baccalaureate degrees in the fields of criminal justice, education, public administration, social work, Associate Degree of Nursing (ADN) and Registered Nursing (RN)-Bachelor of Science of Nursing (BSN.) The college also offers master’s degrees in public administration and special education and a doctor of nursing practice (DNP.)

In this time of change, the College of Professional Studies has taken measures to manage limited resources while maintaining the integrity of academic programs. To the credit of hardworking and dedicated faculty, staff and students, the School of Public Administration has been accredited by the National Association of Public Administration (NASPAA) through 2018; the social work baccalaureate program has been accredited by the Council on Social Work Education through 2020; the associate nursing degree program has been accredited by the Kentucky Board of Nursing through 2020; and the School of Education has been approved through 2020. The doctoral nursing program represents an important milestone for the university and the College of Professional Studies.

Welcome again, please look us up and explore what we have to offer. You will be pleased by our faculty’s commitment to holistic education.

Thank you,

Gashaw W. Lake, Ph.D., Dean
College of Professional Studies
Kentucky State University