Students majoring in business complete a different set of general education/liberal studies requirements than other students within the University. These courses satisfy the minimum general education core as prescribed by the State of Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education. The University requirements for the liberal studies general core and integrative studies for students majoring in Business are as follows:

I. Languages and Reasoning:

ENG 101 – English Comp I
ENG 102 – English Comp II
SPE 103 – Interpersonal Communication
MAT 115 – College Algebra
Foreign Language II
Total: 15 hours

II. Fine Arts, Letters, History and IGS

ENG 211 – Introduction to Literature
IGS 200 – Foundations of Culture
IGS 201 or higher
Foreign Language I (if needed)
-OR- Select one from the following list:
…HIS 103
…IGS 201 or higher
…Additional foreign language
…POS 101
Total: 12

III. Sciences:

A. Behavioral:
Either PSY 200 – General Psychology
Or SOC 203 – Principles of Sociology

B. Social:
ECO 201 – Principles of Economics I

C. Natural:
Either BIO 101 – Life Science
OR CHE 109 – Chemistry in Context

Select one from the following list:
…BIO 101 – Life Science
…BIO 103 – Environmental Biology
…CHE 109 – Chemistry in Context
…PHS 201 – Physical Sciences I
…PHS 202 – Physical Sciences II
…PHS 211 – Earth and Environmental Science
…PHS 221 – Introduction to Weather Studies
…PHS 231 – Introduction to Astronomy
…PHY 130 – Physics and Society
Total: 12

IV. Health Education:

HED 221–Health Education (2 credit hours)
PHE xxx–Select one physical activity course (1 credit hour)
Total: 3

General Education/Liberal Studies requirements: 42 total credit hours

(Please check with your advisor for specific program requirements)

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