Program Focus

The Computer Information Systems Option focuses on managing and using information systems in a business environment. Information systems not only house vast quantities of data, both business- and customer-generated, but can also provide insight into business operations and customer interactions. The CIS Option offers graduates an understanding of the interrelation between systems, data, and meaningful, actionable information.

Program Requirements

The following courses are required for this program, in addition to the General Education and Computer Science Core requirements:

  • B.S. Core: COS200, 281, 300, 310, and 410.
  • Option requirements: ACT201;
    • BUA320;
    • ECO321;
    • COS364, and 490 or 495;
    • COS464/CIT370/MIS300;
    • and 6 hours of COS300+ electives.
  • Recommended course progression »

Please check with your advisor to confirm actual degree requirements.

Additional Information

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