Due to the tremendous growth in the technological sector, the need for graduates with marketable computer skills has grown exponentially. The goal of the faculty in the Division of Computer Science is to provide our graduates with the advanced conceptual framework and the technical expertise required to meet these growing market needs. To achieve this goal, we offer the following undergraduate degrees:

Bachelor of Science in Digital Gaming, Entertainment, and Simulation

The Bachelors in Digital Gaming, Entertainment, and Simulation concentrates on creating video games with a focus on development and simulation. More »

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

The Bachelors in Computer Science offers the following options as majors:

Core Requirements

Bachelors degrees require the following core classes:

  • General Education:
    • UNV102;
    • BIO101/CHE109 + a Natural Science elective;
    • ENG101, 102, 216;
    • Foreign Language I & II;
    • Fine Arts and Letters;
    • IGS200, 201, COS303;
    • MAT115, 125**;
    • SPE103;
    • Social/Behavioral Science (6 hours of each);
    • and one or more General electives.
  • Computer Science Core: COS107, 108, 109, 275**, 301, 302, 340, and 470

Please check with your adviser to confirm actual degree requirements. Note that ‘**’ courses are not required for the B.S. – Math Option. Option-specific information can be found using the links above.

Minor in Computer Science

Students may also choose a Minor in Computer Science by completing 21 semester credit hours. Specific course requirements include: COS 101, 108, 109, 301, 310 and 340 and three credit hours of advised electives.

Non-Degree Offerings

Certificate in Cyber Security

We also offer a certificate program in Information Security. This certificate can be completed by any person without any computer science background by taking 12-13 credit hours.

The core requirement is COS 281 – Introduction to Information Security & Assurance (3 hours)

Three (3) other courses may be selected from the following four (4) courses:

  • COS 334: Cyber Forensics (4 hours)
  • COS 332: Management of Information Security & Assurance (3 hours)
  • COS 435: Advanced Topics in Cyber Security (3 hours)
  • COS 484: Introduction to Network Security (3 hours)

Dual Credit

The Division of Computer Science offers dual credit in Intro to Computers (COS100) and Principles of Computer Science (COS108) to our local service area. This dual enrollment for high school students reinforces content knowledge and college readiness while providing access to college credit.