Ed Conner

Associate Professor, Emeritus (1988-2014)

B.A. University of the South; M.A., Vanderbilt University; Ph.D., Vanderbilt University: English Literature


Email: eddycon@aol.com

Current Interests

I am in the transitional phase of retirement and my activity is geared to this transition: getting back in touch with roots—myself, family, friends; attending to things long left undone; avoiding those things that ought not to be done; designing a house, planning a future. I am reading in biographies of the great and near-great, architecture, poetry, economics, and zen. I am tending my garden. Although at the moment I am doing some work in historic preservation, I intend to work on behalf of education, ecology, and population control—three critical issues in the human future that need as much energy—especially light—as we can spare them.

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