Students who do not meet specific course requirements for listed first-semester courses will require additional semesters to graduate.

General Biology

Pre-Professional Biology

Biology with Teacher Certification (Grades 8-12)

Biology with Teacher Certification (Grades 8-12) is a joint effort between the Division of Mathematics and Sciences and the School of Education to prepare biology educators for high schools.

KSU students who pursue Biology with Teacher Certification (Grades 8-12) must also meet all other requirements for admission to and completion of the Teacher Education Program.  Interested teacher candidates should contact the School of Education or refer to the School of Education section of the KSU Catalogue for more details.

Minor in Biology

A minor in Biology requires the completion of a minimum of 21 semester credit hours in Biology. A student pursuing a minor in Biology will be required to successfully complete BIO 111, 210, and 212. Additional courses are chosen from the remaining core requirements (BIO 302, 303, 307, 316, 408). One course maybe selected from the biology electives to complete the required 21 semester credit hours.

Note: BIO 401 and 410 can be taken by students pursuing a minor in Biology, but they cannot be used as part of the required 21 semester credit hours for a minor in Biology.