The Modern Foreign Languages program at Kentucky State University offers courses in Spanish. Coursework in foreign languages emphasizes instruction in the fundamentals of syntax, pronunciation, and idiomatic expressions.

There is a four way approach to teaching foreign languages (listening/comprehension, conversing, reading, and writing). Instruction takes place in both the classroom and the foreign language laboratory, where students practice speaking and pronunciation and where they watch video material, films, or documentaries in the foreign language they study. Intermediate and upper level courses stress the acquisition of communicative skills and cultural or literary information.

Students who pursue a baccalaureate degree are required to complete 6 semester credit hours of a foreign language (101 and 102 or 171 and 172) as part of the Liberal Studies Requirements, or to demonstrate elementary knowledge in a foreign language by making the necessary score on an AP examination or on a CLEP examination (see the Catalogue section on Credit by Examination/Certification and credit for Life Experience). Foreign language proficiency examinations are also available to those who seek advanced placement in a foreign language or exemption from the foreign language requirement (see the Catalogue subsection on Proficiency Examination Programs).

Elementary foreign language courses 101 and 102 or 171 and 172 must be taken in sequence and in the same language.