Admission to the English major, and continuation as an English major, are overseen by the English Major Review Committee. Students must be approved to major in English by the Review Committee and the Chairperson of the Division of Literature, Languages, and Philosophy; a student majoring in English who receives grades below a “C” in two English classes will have his/her record evaluated by the Committee. The Board retains the right to remove a student from the English major due to continued poor performance.

To receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in English or a minor in English, students must be able to:

  • express themselves effectively in written English;
  • think critically and analytically;
  • demonstrate knowledge of literature representing a variety of literary forms, figures, and periods;
  • demonstrate knowledge of the fundamentals of literary analysis and criticism;
  • demonstrate general knowledge of the history of the English language and linguistic theories, and standard English grammar; and
  • demonstrate knowledge of research techniques and use of the library.

Major in English

To satisfy the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree in English, students must complete a total of 128 semester credit hours with a minimum of 39 semester credit hours in English coursework. These credit hours must include both a 27 credit hour core and an additional 12 credit hours in one of three concentrations (Literature, Creative Writing or English with Teaching Certification). A total of 45 semester credit hours at the 300/400 level are required for graduation.


  • ENG 313: Non-Western Literature
  • ENG 322: Survey of British Literature I
  • ENG 323: Survey of British Literature II
  • ENG 324: Survey of American Literature I
  • ENG 325: Survey of American Literature II
  • ENG 409: Literature of African-Americans
  • ENG 413: Literary Criticism

One writing class. Choose from:

  • ENG 204: Journalism*
  • ENG 214: Persuasive Writing
  • ENG 216: Technical Writing

One language class. Choose from:

  • ENG 311: Advanced Grammar*
  • ENG 315: History of the English Language
  • ENG 317: Linguistics

*Mandatory for English with Teaching Certification Concentration

Concentrations in the English Major

To satisfy the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree in English, a student must complete 12 semester credit hours in one of the following concentrations in addition to the 27 hour English Core listed above:


The student must complete the following classes:

  • ENG 398: Literary Heritage
  • ENG 399: Special Topics
  • ENG 499: Capstone

And either:

  • ENG 411: Shakespeare or
  • ENG 415: Major Author(s)

Creative Writing

The student must complete the following classes:

Choose two:

  • ENG 342: Writing Poetry
  • ENG 343: Creative Non-Fiction
  • ENG 345: Writing Drama/Screenplay
  • ENG 346: Writing Fiction

Plus both:

  • ENG 490: Senior Creative Project and
  • ENG 499: Capstone

English with Teaching Certification

In addition to the Education classes necessary to obtain teaching certification, the student must complete the following classes, as well as complete ENG 204 and 311 in order to fulfill core requirements in writing and language:

  • ENG 214: Persuasive Writing
  • ENG 390: Adolescent Literature
  • ENG 433: Reading and Writing Clinic Practicum
  • EDU 445: Reading Instruction in the Secondary School

For specific requirements to receive teacher certification, interested students should consult the Catalogue section under the Division of Education and Human Services. Students seeking teacher certification should refer to the admission criteria and procedures included in the College of Professional Studies section of the Catalogue.