The Bachelor of Arts in Music degree is intended for the Kentucky State University student who wishes to study music within a liberal studies framework and use the degree as a foundation for a wide range of career options and/or graduate study in music or other academic areas. Emphasis placed on electives in music and general studies provides the student with opportunities for distinctive educational experiences oriented to his or her specific needs and interests— music industry studies, jazz studies, music theory/composition, performance, and music history/literature.

Curriculum Ladder for the Bachelor of Arts in Music Degree


    • The Bachelor of Arts in Music degree requires the successful completion of 120 semester credit hours, including: General Studies— 42 hours (for Music majors, MUS 130 Introduction to Music does not meet the Fine Arts and Letters requirement of the Liberal Studies Core); Musicianship Studies—29 hours (MUS 103, 112, 113, 114, 115, 212, 213, 214, 215, 321, 322, and MUS 323 or 325 or 333; Musical Performance Studies—12 hours (MUA 161, 162, 261, 262; MUC 110 or MUA 121,122; MUC 111 or MUA 221, 222; MUC 210 or MUA 321, 322; and MUC 211 or MUA 421, 422) or if keyboard is the student’s principal instrument, 4 hours of applied studies on a secondary instrument are substituted; MUP major ensemble, 4 hours, chosen from ensembles appropriate to the major instrument or voice (MUA 381, 382, 385, 386), or if keyboard is the student’s principal instrument, MUP 390 Instrumental Chamber Music-Piano, 4 hours; Advised Music Electives—12 hours (electives that may be chosen from MUA, MUC, MUI, MUP, or MUS courses according to the interests and needs of the student); and Free Electives—25 hours. At least 25 hours of elective courses completed must be at the 300-400 level.


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