Cassandra Bagley

Instructor of English (1996, 2003); B.A., Wesleyan College; M.A. (ABD) Emory University

Ms. Bagley teaches ENG 101: Composition I, ENG 102: Composition II, ENG 216: Technical Writing, ENG 211: Introduction to Literature and ENG 322: Survey of British Literature I. Her fields of specialization include British Literature and Women’s Studies. Ms. Bagley currently serves as the Coordinator of the Composition Program.

Contact: 414H Hathaway Hall. Phone: (502) 597-6435. E-mail:

Danny Collum

Professor of English (2005). BLS (Bachelor of Liberal Studies), Loyola University of New Orleans; MFA, George Mason University.

Danny CollumDanny Collum regularly teaches ENG 101, 102 and 211, and upper-level classes in creative writing and print journalism. He is also the faculty advisor of the KSU Creative Writers’ Club and co-advisor to The Kentucky River, KSU’s student-edited journal of art and literature. Collum is the author, most recently, of the novel, White Boy (Apprentice House 2011). He has also written three nonfiction books (Black and Catholic in the Jim Crow South, Rising to Common Ground, Black and White Together) and edited a fourth (African Americans in the Spanish Civil War). He is a contributing editor and monthly columnist for the Washington, DC-based magazine, Sojourners, and monthly pop music critic for the U.S. Catholic.

Contact: 414C Hathaway Hall. Phone: (502) 597-5983. E-mail:

G. Todd Davis

Chair of the Literature, Languages, and Philosophy Division and Professor of English (2004); B.A. California State University, Northridge; Ph.D. Miami University of Ohio

Dr. G. Todd Davis is a Professor of British Romanticism and Critical Theory at Kentucky State University. He received his Ph.D. from Miami University in Oxford, OH in 2003, and a B.A. in English from California State University, Northridge, in 1997. In addition to his responsibilities as Chair, he regularly teaches upper-division English courses as well as courses in Integrative Studies and for the Whitney Young School of Honors. He has a passion for, some would say an obsession with, Lord Byron, on whom he has published numerous book and journal articles as well as an extensive annotated bibliography of Byron in Fiction on Romantic Circles. He is in the last stages of work on his book, tentatively entitled Fictional Byron, which explores the ways that Byron has been fictionalized by numerous authors, poets, and directors, in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Contact: 414 Hathaway Hall. Phone: (502) 597-5979. Fax: (502) 597-6764. E-mail:

April Fallon

Professor of English (1997); B.A., North Central College; M.F.A., University of Pittsburgh; Ph.D., The University of Louisiana–Lafayette April_Fallon

Dr. April D. Fallon is a Professor of American Literature, Creative Writing, and Integrative Studies at Kentucky State University. She received a Ph.D. in 20th Century American Literature and Creative Writing from University of Louisiana at Lafayette, an M.F.A. in Poetry from University of Pittsburgh, and a B.A. in English from North Central College. She regularly teaches upper level English and Creative Writing courses. She also teaches in KSU’s Integrated Studies program. She has recently published papers on E. E. Cummings, Lorine Niedecker, and poetics. Her book Universe of Discourse was published by Finishing Line Press in 2011, and her latest book, Mindeye’s Consort,  was published in 2013.

Contact: 407H Hathaway Hall. Phone: (502) 597-6316. E-mail:

Erin Gilles

Assistant Professor of Journalism and Public Relations (2009). B.A. University of Southern Indiana, M.A. Murray State University, Ph.D. University of KentuckyErin.Gilles.pp

Dr. Gilles teaches various journalism and PR courses, including JOU 204, 361, 362, 366, 370, 371 and oversees the journalism internships for print journalism and PR. She also co-advises the National Communication Association Student Club. Dr. Gilles has recently published two organizational communication case studies on business ethics, and has written two book chapters, one on email communication and a second on marketing. Dr. Gilles’ research interests include DTC advertising, entertainment media, and the interplay of race, class, and gender in the mass media.

Contact: 406 Hathaway Hall. Phone: (502) 597-6527. E-mail:

Stephen Gullette

Instructor of English (2007). B.A., Georgetown College; M.A. Miami University Stephen Gullette

Mr. Gullette regularly teaches developmental English for the AWA program as well as Freshman Composition, Introduction to Literature, and Desktop Publishing, the latter usually as an online course.

Mr. Gullette is also the faculty sponsor for KSU’s chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, the national English Honor Society.

Contact: 414L Hathaway Hall. Phone: (502) 597-6406. E-mail:

Florence P. Lovell

Instructor of English (1984); B.A., University of Kentucky; M.A., University of Kentucky florence_lovell

Since earning her degrees in English literature, Ms. Lovell has focused much of her additional study on research into reading theory and the psychology of motivation. An experienced and well regarded faculty member, Lovell regularly teaches ENG 103, College Reading, and has taught ENG 088, Reading, as well as English Composition (ENG 101) and Children’s Literature (ENG 260). A new course offering, Contemporary Atlantic Canadian Literature (ENG 397, Special Topics) is the product of Lovell’s research into African–Canadian, Gaelic, Mi’kmaq, and Acadian cultural influences in the works of critically acclaimed Canadian authors.

Contact: 414G Hathaway Hall. Phone: (502) 597-6430. E-mail:

Saleema R. Mustafa

Instructor of English (2008); B.A. Emory University; M.A.T. Agnes Scott College; M.A. Kentucky State UniversitySaleema Mustafa

Saleema Mustafa is a former secondary education instructor and radio journalist in Atlanta, GA and Cape Town, South Africa. She enjoys traveling to Central America and has made reoccurring trips to San Jose to study Spanish at La Universidad de Costa Rica. Her scholarly research has included Guts and Glory: The Formation of the African American Studies Program at Emory University (1963-1972), the progression of early 20th century black caricatures through the modern-day comedian, and literature of the African Diaspora. She is currently teaching College Reading, Composition, and African American Literature.

Contact: 414M Hathaway Hall. Phone: (502) 597-6436. E-mail:

Carolyn Nemeth

Instructor of English (2006). B.A., M.A. Western Kentucky UniversityCamilla Nemth1

Ms. Nemeth is a former Franklin County public school teacher who regularly teaches developmental English and Freshman Composition for the AWA program. She is an active participant in our Quality Enhancement Program.

Contact: 414E Hathaway Hall. Phone: (502) 597-5968. E-mail:

David Shabazz

Assistant Professor of Journalism (2007); B.A. Benedict College; M.A. University of South Carolina; M.A.ED. Wake Forest UniversityDavid_Shabazz

Mr. Shabazz is a former newspaper and radio journalist. He teaches mostly broadcasting and sports journalism courses. Shabazz is the adviser for the student newspaper, Thorobred News and the student weekly television program Campus Connect. He still writes regular columns for the State-Journal and Herald-Leader newspapers and is pursuing a doctorate in communication at Regent University.

Contact: 414N Hathaway Hall. Phone: (502) 597-5915. E-mail:

George W. Shields

Professor of Philosophy (1985); A.B., M.A., University of Louisville; Ph.D., University of Chicago. Further study: Oxford University GeorgeShields

Dr. Shields teaches the entire Philosophy Program course catalogue from PHI 200 – Introduction to Philosophy to PHI 490 – Survey of Mathematical Logic as well as occasional offerings in Integrative Studies and WYS Preceptorials. He also teaches ENV 515-Environmental Ethics and ENV 516-Environmental Justice in KSU’s Master’s in Environmental Studies program. He served as Chairperson of the Division of Literature, Languages, and Philosophy from 1993-2008, and as an Interim Dean of Arts & Sciences in 2004.

Dr. Shields is a former President of the Kentucky Philosophical Association and the American Academy of Religion Southeast as well as recipient of two appointments as lecturer at NEH Faculty Training Institutes. He was an award winner in the Sir John Templeton International Science-Religion Course Competition, and is a Research Fellow at the Center for Philosophy and the Natural Sciences at California State University-Sacramento. He is co-author and editor or co-editor of three scholarly books, including most recently Process and Analysis: Whitehead, Hartshorne, and the Analytic Tradition; he is a co-editor of three volumes of Integrative Studies textbooks. Dr. Shields has published some 105 articles, introductions, critical studies, reviews and other pieces in scholarly books and peer-reviewed journals, including The American Journal of Theology and Philosophy. Dialogue, Encounter, The Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, The Midwest Quarterly, The Journal of Religion (University of Chicago Press), The Modern Schoolman, Process Studies, Religious Studies: An International Journal for Philosophy of Religion (Cambridge University Press), and The Southern Journal of Philosophy, among many others. He was the invited author of intellectual biographies of G. E. M. Anscombe and Alvin Plantinga published in British Philosophers: 1950-2000 and American Philosophers: 1950-2000 (respectively) in the widely disseminated Dictionary of Literary Biography Series. He has delivered more than 80 scholarly presentations, including invited or juried papers at international, national, and regional conferences; this includes annual meetings of the American Philosophical Association (Eastern and Pacific Divisions) and Philosophy of Religion sessions of the American Academy of Religion. Despite all of his commitments and projects, he is one of the most accessible and approachable faculty members on campus. Dr. Shields has also been selected as a KSU Distinguished Professor.

Contact: 407G Hathaway Hall. Phone: (502) 597-6991.E-mail:

Helen M. Smith

Associate Professor of English (2007). B.A. University of California at Berkeley, M.A. San Francisco State University, Ph.D. University of California at San Diego helen_higbee_ smith

Dr. Smith regularly teaches both developmental English and Freshman Composition classes as well as Introduction to Literature, Early British Literature, Advanced Grammar, History of the English Language, Shakespeare and ENG 499: Capstone. Her area of specialization is Medieval and Renaissance English Literature. Her most recent publications are “Cambridge at Sea: Byrsa Basilica and the Commercialization of Knowledge” in Early Modern Academic Drama, ed. Jonathan Walker and Paul D. Streufert (Ashgate Studies in Performance and Early Modern Drama, Ashgate Press, December 2008); and “Speech, Metamorphosis and Misogyny in the Medieval French Lay of Melion” in The Kentucky Philological Review, Vol. 26.

Contact: 414B Hathaway Hall. Phone: (502) 597-5015. E-mail:

Peter A. Smith

Peter SmithProfessor of English. B.A., M.A., Long Island University; Ph.D., University of Notre Dame.

Dr. Smith regularly teaches ENG 101 and 211, both as traditional and online courses. He is currently the most experienced online teacher at Kentucky State University, having taught online classes every semester since the inception of these classes at KSU. His specialization is in American Fiction, and he also teaches the Survey of American Literature classes (ENG 324, ENG 325) and Special Topics and Literary Heritage classes on American Literature. He also often teaches Shakespeare, Non-Western Literature and Integrative Studies classes. As the division’s resident computer expert, Dr. Smith emphasizes computer-based instruction in all of his classes. He has published journal articles on Melville, Hemingway, and O’Connor, and he is also a Coen brothers film fan and scholar who has presented several conference papers on their work. He was the recipient of the University’s Distinguished Professor Award in 2010.

Contact: 404 Hathaway Hall. Phone: (502) 597-6317 E-mail:

Karah Stokes

Professor of English (1997). M.A., University of Kentucky; Ph.D. University of Miami Karah Stokes.pp

Dr. Stokes regularly teaches Freshman Composition, Introduction to Literature, and African American Literature, as well as IGS 301. Her field of specialization is American women writers of color, especially Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, Gloria Naylor and Louise Erdrich. View a sample of her literary criticism. She has recently begun to publish on Charles W. Chesnutt and Octavia E. Butler. Dr .Stokes has also published poems in Pluck! The Journal of Affrilachian Culture and Literature, Journal of Kentucky Studies, KSU’s The Kentucky River, and other literary magazines. A song she wrote, “The Mourning Cloak,” was recorded by Laurie Lewis and The Right Hands, a bluegrass band based in California, on its 2006 release The Golden West, and saw airplay on XM Radio.

Contact: 414F Hathaway Hall. Phone: (502) 597-6439. E-mail:

Sandra Trammell

Instructor of English (1985). B.A., Ohio University; M.A.T., University of Louisville Sandra.Trammell.pp

Ms. Trammell is the director of the AWA program and has taught classes in ENG 089, ENG 099, ENG 101 and ENG 102. She is also an expert in children’s and adolescent literature and teaches classes in those subjects (ENG 260 and ENG 390). She is currently studying for the doctoral degree at the University of Kentucky.


Cathy Vedder

Assistant Professor of English (2004); AA, Jefferson State Junior College; BA, MA, University of Alabama-Birmingham; PhD, Cornell University Cathy_Vedder

Dr. Vedder teaches English 089 and 102; British Literature Surveys; History of the English Language; and Literary Criticism. She specializes in 19th-century British Literature and Literary Theory. Her research focuses on topics in fiction and gender, including the relationship between literature and science.

Contact: 407A Hathaway Hall. Phone: (502) 597-6431. E-mail:  

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