Kentucky State University’s College of Agriculture, Food Science and Sustainable Systems will hold 8 workshops entitled Fresh-OP.

“Fresh-OP at The Lyric” is an eight-part workshop series that will give students hands-on experience in designing, planning, and planting a garden in an urban setting. The students will be given information about each of the gardening processes – such as barrel gardening, vertical gardens, aquaponics gardening, raised-bed gardening, and straw bale gardening – as well as in-person demonstrations and the seeds and tools necessary to complete the project. Agriculture experts from KSU will help facilitate the projects and students will take home weekly giveaways.



KSU Agriculture, Food, and Environment student and farm technician Trevor Claiborn, also known as Farmer Brown Tha MC, will lead the Fresh-OP workshops and encourage students to get involved in urban agriculture. As Farmer Brown, Claiborn produces educational hip-hop songs and videos based on agriculture and the natural sciences. His programs for middle and high school students educate young people on how to produce sustainable and efficient foods and goods as well as teaches them innovative ways to learn about environmental science.

Here is the registration form for your child or student to fill out to register.

Lyric Workshop Registration Form

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