• Aquaculture Program: KSU’s Program of Distinction serves fish farmers and trains students. The campus facilities include research ponds, greenhouses, laboratories, processing areas, and an aquaponics research project.
  • Campus High Tunnels: A one-acre site with four high tunnels on south campus allows students to conduct research and participate in year-round food production.
  • Environmental Education Research Center: The Environmental Education Research Center protects 307 acres of Kentucky wild land east of Frankfort while strengthening the connection between students and the environment.
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Laboratory: The campus laboratory includes work stations for 18 students and is equipped with distance learning equipment as well as GIS and remote sensing software, GPS units, a plotter and scanners.
  • Organic Agriculture Working Group: The organic working group advances KSU’s leadership in the field of organic agriculture by bringing together KSU researchers, teachers, and extension staff whose work relates to organic agriculture. Through collaboration, members of this diverse group approach problems holistically, according to the ideals of organic agriculture.
  • Research and Demonstration Farm: A 300 acre farm south of Frankfort offers students opportunities to conduct research and demonstration projects related to sustainable agriculture, livestock production, horticulture, bio-energy and other land-based studies. The farm includes 11 acres of certified organic land.
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