Kentucky State University’s Master of Science in Environmental Studies trains leaders to understand and solve environmental problems by applying critical thinking skills across disciplines.

Learning to restore a balance between humanity and our changing environment will be among the biggest challenges of coming years. It will require an understanding of the interaction between ecology, sociology, economics, and other disciplines. Kentucky State University’s Master of Science in Environmental Studies enables graduates to develop specific areas of expertise and communicate across disciplines to address environmental issues. The program is intended for students seeking meaningful employment with a commitment to human values.

The program is a coordinated by the College of Agriculture, Food Science, and Sustainable Systems. Many of the core faculty have appointments in this College. As such, the program emphasizes the agricultural interface between humans and the environment. Developing more sustainable agriculture and food systems is crucial to solving environmental problems.

Applications are currently being accepted for the Fall 2016 semester.  Assistantships are available for full-time graduate students completing thesis projects.

Fall 2016 Course Offerings

ENV 501
Introduction to
Environmental Studies
5:00 – 7:30 pm
AQU 522
Principles of Aquaculture
ENV 551
Livestock Production Practices
2:00 - 4:50 pm
ENV 585
Special Topics in Environmental Studies (topics arranged)
ENV 508
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
5:00 - 7:30 pm
AQU 507
Fish Genetics
ENV 550
Human Health and Environment
10 - 10:50 am
ENV 600
Environmental Studies Thesis Research
ENV 511
Energy & the Environment
5:00 - 7:30 pm
ENV 525
Organic Agriculture
10 - 11:45 am
ENV 601
Environmental Studies Thesis
ENV 699
Environmental Studies Capstone