Dr. Teferi Tsegaye

Dr. Teferi Tsegaye, Associate Vice President for Agriculture Administration and Land Grant Programs, Dean of CAFSSS

Welcome to CAFSSS

I am very pleased to welcome you to the College of Agriculture, Food Science, and Sustainable Systems (CAFSSS) at Kentucky State University (KSU). KSU is a relatively small institution with a very rich history, including more than 125 years as a public, comprehensive land-grant institution.

As dean of the college, I am proud to introduce to you this incredible academic institution, which was founded in 1890 and is located in Frankfort, Kentucky, just a few miles from the State Capitol. We are large enough to offer quality educational programs, and small enough to offer personal attention to each student’s needs and career goals. CAFSSS works to uphold the mission of the University through its commitment to research, service and teaching in the food and agricultural sciences.

The College is organized around five divisions:

CAFSSS demonstrates its commitment to the economic, social and environmental well-being of the citizens of the Commonwealth by offering exceptional academic programs and undertaking cutting edge research to benefit small, limited and disabled farmers and their families.

Today’s rapidly changing world needs people prepared to solve its local and global challenges in the areas of agribusiness, climate change, a safe and reliable food supply, protection of natural resources, improved nutrition, public health, and alternative energy sources. A degree from CAFSSS may qualify graduates for careers not only in food production, but also in a variety of other fields.

Our outstanding graduate degree programs in Aquaculture and Environmental Studies are producing well-prepared leaders in these important and growing fields. Our land grant programs (LGPs) in Community Research and Cooperative Extension offer a wide range of opportunities for internships and long-term employment.

If you are considering a career in one of these degree areas, I am certain that you will enjoy the friendly learning atmosphere in the CAFSSS. You will work with a team of academic advisors and mentors who are committed to helping you reach your academic and career goals.

If you are a resident of Kentucky – and whether you are involved in agriculture or not – you can take advantage a variety of services offered by our Extension faculty and staff, who are available in selected counties of the state. I hope you will contact them for assistance.

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