Kentucky State University’s Master of Science in Environmental Studies trains leaders to understand and solve environmental problems by applying critical thinking skills across disciplines.

Applications are currently being accepted for the Spring 2015 semester. Assistant-ships are available for full-time graduate students completing thesis projects.

Spring 2015 Course Offerings

ENV 503 – MES Student Team Project (Wednesday evenings)ENV 519 - Sustainable Agriculture Systems
(Monday evenings or recorded)
ENV 509 - Biostatistics
(Noon Tuesday and Thursday)
ENV 585 – Special Topics in Environmental Studies (including an online Apiculture course and other topics)
ENV 589 - Remote Sensing of the Environment
(Tuesday evenings)
ENV 585 - Special Topics in Environmental Studies (On-line Apiculture course)ENV 595 - Environmental Science and Bioremediation
(Tuesday afternoons)
ENV 600 – Environmental Studies Thesis Research
AQU 560 - Water Quality ManagementENV 601 – Environmental Studies Thesis
AQU 522 - Principles of AquacultureENV 699 – Environmental Studies Capstone
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