Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Food, and Environment

Beginning in the fall Semester of 2012, the College of Agriculture, Food Science, and Sustainable Systems will  offer a baccalaureate degree program in Agriculture, Food, and Environment (AFE) with four individual Options in Agricultural, Food, Environmental, and Aquaculture Systems to allow  training of graduates in these growth areas in the U.S. economy.

Using an interdisciplinary approach, students from diverse backgrounds will develop a broad understanding of relationships between agricultural and aquaculture systems, food safety, and the environment.


  • Agricultural Systems
    • Prepares students for a range of occupations in the field of agriculture
  • Food Systems
    • Prepares students for food nutrition and safety areas
  • Environmental Systems
    • Prepares students in environmental studies issues
  • Aquaculture Systems
    • Prepares students in the area of fish production

AFE Catalogue Description of Bachelor Degree

AFE Curriculum

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Stipend Program for Undergraduate Students in Agriculture, Food, Environmental, and Aquaculture Systems

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“Feeding the Future”

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