Provide excellence in teaching, research, and extension in agriculture, food and family sciences, and sustainable systems.


To be an innovative college developing and facilitating  experiential learning opportunities for students, individuals, and families to make local, national, and global communities more sustainable.

Strategic Goals

To deliver nationally recognized and stakeholder-driven programs by:

  • retaining and attracting highly qualified faculty and staff;
  • offering undergraduate and graduate academic degrees;
  • attracting, retaining, and graduating a diverse student body;
  • providing research and training
  • delivering extension and outreach
  • building infrastructure; and
  • developing local, regional, national, and international collaborations.

About the College

The College of Agriculture, Food Science and Sustainable Systems is comprised of five departments. They are:


Kirk W. Pomper, PhD
Interim Director of Land Grant Programs

Co-op Extension Building
Room 217
Phone: 502-597-5905
Email: kirk.pomper@kysu.edu